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Feb 26, 2005
I have a question about my situation. I am a PGY - 1. In last year's match I partial matched for a PGY - 2 slot for PM&R to start July 2005 but no first year spot. I was unable to find a spot for some time, but finally then did find something in May in family practice. So at that point I signed a one year contract with a family practice program with the intent to then go to PM&R after that year.

Well, now it is almost March, and the program of the FP program has approached me and offered me a spot if I wanted to stay on here. I have enjoyed my year here. I am a little torn on what I want to do, but at this point I plan on continuing with my original plan to do PM&R. I am wondering if this is even a choice I can make, or am I committed to PM&R through the match agreement no matter what through the partial match?

so what are my options? I kind of think that I am committed to the pm&r spot, but the fact is that I was unable to find a spot for a month plus after the match last year for a first year spot, and if I wouldn't have gotten this FP spot I sure wouldn't have been starting PM&R as a PGY-2 in july '05.

I have not signed any contracts with the PM&R program as of yet, nor have I received any yet. and I have not brought ths subject up with anyone there for obvious reasons. Plus, I am not even sure I would not want to do PM&R, I am just wondering if I am committed to it at this point, or what could happen if I called them up and say I am staying here for FP?

anyone have any insight into this?


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Oct 14, 2003
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Since you matched the PMR position, you are obligated to them. I would have thought that they would have sent you a contract by now though...thats odd. I would tell the FP guys "thanks" for the good times and move along.


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May 24, 2003
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adam33 may very well be obligated to the PMR program, but guess what? it doesn't matter. if he backs out of the match agreement, the only punishment is that he can't participate in nrmp for several years (check for details). he hasn't signed a contract yet! if he takes the fp spot, though, that point is moot.

as far as choosing between FP and PMR, think about your future. where do you want to practice? what do you want to do? what made you choose PMR in the first place? switching into FP just because you've "enjoyed your time there" isn't a good enough reason. you've got to be committed to practicing FP as a career.

best of luck.