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Sep 13, 2002
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Could anyone elaborate what one does in private practice for pathology?

I mean do you work in a "slide mill" and dictating to a tape recorder all day.

Anyone recommend any good trade journals that the path people read on so i can get a good feel about future trends in the speciality.

Im intersted in pursuring dermatopath specifically and was wondering how private practive differed from a derm resident pursuing vs dermatopath vs a path resident doing dermatopath.

thanks to anyone for providing any insights.


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Mar 24, 2001
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Private practice varies greatly between groups. In some yes if they could chain you to your scope and bring you slides all day they would. Others, you do a variety of things including autopsy, clinical path etc... The big path companies like Lab Corp and Quest are big on pushing large numbers of slides.

Well the difference in Derm going to Dermpath vs Path going to Dermpath is the practice. Most derm folks see patients take biopsies and perform the pathology. Path Derm folks read lots and lots of biopsies sent to them from others. Derm path is real tough to get into for Derm residents and Path residents. Research in derm is almost a must. AOA would help.


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Jul 27, 2002
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check out CAP Today(

Its a widely circulated pathology trade journal that addresses current issues in anatomic and clinical pathology. The online version doesn't have any pictures though, and no advertisements either (which are great sources for figuring out whats hot), so you might want to pick up a hard-copy which is sure to be lying around somewhere in every pathology laboratory in the country.
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