Question about Step 2 score release

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Oct 13, 2004
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On ERAS, I had decided to check the box that sends my score automatically to the programs I've applied to. Since then I've pushed the date of my test back to January 28.

I'm wondering if the score will be uploaded to the programs before the final ranklists come out and whether or not the programs will even download the score since I've already interviewed there.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has had experience with this.

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I don't have experience with it, but here's my guess....I'm assuming you are talking about Step 2 CK, in that case, it took about 3 weeks for my score to come back (as it did my friends, and we all took it different times) so that would put you right before the date that rank lists are due (Feb 23 I think) my guess is that if it really is that close, they may not look, but you never know. And some programs may even have their fianls list by then. I'm pretty sure ERAS alerts them when new items are uploaded to the system, so if they have time while they are busy discussing all us applicants.....they might.
hope that helps a little bit
i just checked the box to release my scores for step 2 ck. should i email the programs to let them know that my scores are now released or should i just assume they'll check? thanks...
they check on their own..On Eras another USMLE transcript document becomes available and they need to download it just like the rest of your documents. Believe me...some programs had them before i did when I went to interview with them.