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Jan 1, 2016
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So, I'm a student who had to retake Step 1. I honestly didn't think I'd be " that guy" the one who failed step 1, but it happened. Our class had way more people fail step one than average so it may have something to do with the school, I don't know. I think the main reason I failed was I couldn't take 5 weeks and cram 2 years of med school into my head, I just couldnt do it.

For my classmates, the ones that passed, I think that they were constantly reviewing old material throughout second year while also handling new course work. My question is how did they find time to constantly review all old material? Did you guys constantly review stuff during M2 and then your dedicated study was to solidify what you already knew? Last year I heard that a lot of people used a flash card system like Anki and Firecracker. Would it be wise to use these resources for Step 2? I do not want to fail another board exam, I don't think I would survive.


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Aug 4, 2011
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I dedicated a certain amount of time daily to old stuff/reviewign and board prep. That percentage increased as I got closer to boards. My heavy hitting time was weekends.


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Mar 13, 2017
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At this stage in the game, your approach to medicine needs to be cumulative. Buy the year-long UWorld subscription and do questions daily on random. Even if it's just a few. Read all the explanations and truly try to understand the concept. Don't just use dedicated study to study for Step 2. Your entire third year is prep time.

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Oct 18, 2014
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I used onlinemeded throughout third year and bought the subscription. I found it useful as you were always doing something. I would take my QuickTables book onto the wards or clinics and while waiting around review one of the recent videos I watched. I should also mention I took notes into the QuickTables, primarily the algorithms. Doing a little bit every day seemed to be the best way to be able to keep on top of the information. UWorld is very popular as well, doing a few Qs a day can go a long ways. But don't expect to just go to rotation and get everything you need to pass your end of rotation exam and Step 2. Use time during your rotation and your evenings/mornings effectively. Time management is key third year. If you commute, onlinemeded has audio or find an podcast you like (FOAMcast is EM oriented but good, or EMBasic but know that EMBasic is somewhat out of date on certain parts). Good luck with third year!

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