QUESTION from 2008ers

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Jun 12, 2006
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Hi everyone,

I plan on submitting my application early this year and I had some questions for you 2007 applicants.

(1) Transcripts: Can you send transcripts prior to May 15th to AADSAS so they recieve them around the same time you submit your application? Also, do you have to update your transcripts, besides the requests from secondaries, after submitting a transcript.

(2) GPA: I have seen the conversion chart but my undergrad does not give letter grades. They are in a 0-4 gpa scale. Are these still altered or recalculated by AADSAS? Does anyone know how?

(3) LOR: Does your research PI (micro bio/oral bio dept) count as a science professor when you haven't taken a class from them.

Thank you guys in advance and best wishes to the waiting applicants! Hang in there

Anyone else with questions pertaining to the 08 cycle, feel free to post here.