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Question: Getting in next year?


Junior Member
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Jun 19, 2006
Hey guys, It seems my chances of getting into a school this year is quite bleak at this point. I have a question... how many of you got into a dental school on your second cycle? My GPA is below the average (3.25) and I lack in the shadowing and volunteering departments. On top of that my applications went out on the late side. My saving grace is a 24 AA on the DAT, and it got me 2 interviews. I havnt heard from them since though.

My main question is, what did you guys do for your year off? If I get some shadowing, volunteering and some experience in the field, then apply early next cycle, would my chances increase? I have just been waiting and hoping, but it seems like its time for me to plan for next year. Im just not sure what I would do for a whole year.


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Feb 23, 2007
  1. Dental Student
i think it would be nice to talk to a dentist who is willing to adopt you. in other words, ask the dentist if he/she is willing to train you to be a dental assistant (take impressions and teach you the instruments) and if you're really interested you could go and get your xray certficiation so you can take xrays too. i think this training will serve you immensely and will help jumpstart you in your preclinical dentistry classes in dental school


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Dec 30, 2006
  1. Dental Student
Your goal for the next year should be to strengthen your application. I am sure what you do with your time will say a lot to the school about how serious you are about this profession. Denturewearer has given some great advice. I did a marketing campaign for a local dentist which included making a brochure, webpage, and mailing list. The dental schools loved this. What ever you do, do something you love that says something about yourself to the schools. Good luck.
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