Jun 2, 2013
Can someone explain to me how the NBME score translate into percentile? I was looking up online and couldn't figure it out. I took my shelf last week and am worried that I didn't pass.

For example, my school requires 15% percentile to pass. The last NBME I took:
Number of questions wrong: 19 out of 50
Assessment score: 17/20
Approximate Subject Examination Score: 62

I initially thought that the "Approximate subject examination score" was the percentile and was really happy but I'm starting to think that I misinterpreted that.



5+ Year Member
Jan 27, 2013
I think it works like this. Take your NBME practice assessment assessment score (17), look at it's approximate subject examination score (62), and find the clinical shelfs scoring table http://www.nbme.org/pdf/samplescorereports/clinical_sci_score_report.pdf

It looks like an approximate subject examination score of 62 of someone in the 1st quarter of their clinical year would be in the 5th percentile (3rd percentile overall across entire year).

Someone correct me if this is the wrong method.