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Oct 27, 2003
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Man, i'm really confused about all this and i need some guidance/advice.
i'm really banking on a strong step 2 score to make up for a lame step 1 score, and was hoping to take step2 on aug. 18th, but now with the score delay, i wont get results till 10.07, 5 weeks after programs start downloading app'.s on sept 1.
do i send out app's on sept 1 without my step 2 score, or do i wait till oct. 7to send out my app's.
I'm not a strong canidate, ie. low step 1, no research, IMG, etc..
i'm applying for psychiatry.
also, lets say i apply b4 i get my step2 score and get shot down from program x,y, and z. then i get my step2 score a few weeks later, can i reapply to program x,y and z, or can you only apply once to a program in a given application season.
thanks in advance for the advice.


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Oct 11, 2006
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No easy answer. As you mention, you risk rejection early from programs based on your Step 1 score, but risk rejection due to a late application if you wait.

If you are rejected from a program and then get a killer Step 2 score, you cannot "reapply" but you can contact them and ask them to revisit their decision based on this new information. Exactly how seriously they will take this request is unclear.