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questions about my teeth

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Nov 16, 2008
    I have revised my last post.

    Arlight I am looking for a few answers about my teeth problems. Here is my little story, I while ago I was eating some food and a tooth in the back bottom row that already had filling broke. Not a little chip but half of it pretty much broke off. I went to dental on base (MCAS MIRAMAR) and they ignored the problem. they removed a cavity from another tooth but I went in to get the broken tooth fixed and they did nothing. I figured they would call me but they did not. The tooth began making my breath smell horrible like a dead animal. I went in again and they did a filling instead of a root canal. the filling is like 50% of my tooth. the filling went all the way down underneath the gumline. So time went on about 2 weeks later the horrible smell came back. I went in again and they re xrayed my mouth and found out the filling underneath the gum was to large. so over a month later they cut open my gums, sanded down the filling and removed some infected gum tissue. not to long after that my mouth now smells like a decaying animal.

    My questions are simple?
    In your OPINION what really needs to be done with my tooth / gums to prevent my mouth smelling like a decaying animal?
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    Not open for further replies.