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questions about pikeville

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by zorro21, Oct 11, 2000.

  1. zorro21

    zorro21 Senior Member
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    Oct 3, 2000
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    I am applying tp pikeville this year and, i have a few questions for any current pikeville students.
    1. does the fact that school does not have a high pass rate on the board exams bother anyone?
    2. do you think the clinical rotations at the small town hospitals will be adequate enough to prepare you residency?
    3. i know that most exams are giving all at once. for example, first year students take 6 exams in two days. three exams one day and three exams the next day.
    4. why did you chose to go to pikeville, and are you happy there?

    any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pikevillemedstudent

    Pikevillemedstudent Bengals Fan
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    Jan 23, 2000
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    Attending Physician
    1. Pikeville had a 70% pass rate for the first class, but this past summer, the pass rate was 88%. I think that is pretty good for the second time around. It is expected that with each passing year, the board scores will go up.

    2. Small town hospitals are great training for primary care, however, not all hospitals are in small towns. One of our many hub sites include Covington, which is basically the KY side of Cincy. Hospitals in towns other than Covington are surprisingly large for the area they are in(Hazard, Paduach, and Pikeville). This is mostly because these hospitals provide care for many of the surrounding counties.

    3. True, this is much better than having a test(s) every week

    4. I chose to go to PCSOM because I wanted to be a DO. SInce I am from KY and knew several students at PCSOM, it was the obvious choice, but those are not the only reasons. I also like the early clinical experience we recieve, and block testing. All the facilities here are new including a soon to open Telemedicine center and library. Small class size is also a plus. If you want go into primary care and work in an underserved area, PCSOM should definitely be on your list. If you can't tell already, I am very happy here.
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