questions about pre-med courses

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Jun 22, 2009
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To my understanding, med schools require two semesters of general biology. In my undergrad, general bio part I did not have lab. General bio II, however, did have a lab component.

I took general bio part I at my own undergrad. Again, this bio class had no lab. As for general bio part II, I took this at another college but is labeled as intro to bio part I and also had lab. That's all the biology I completed in undergrad.

Since then, I went to graduate school, where I must have taken at least 6 graduate-level biology courses. At least one of them had lab for sure. And these classes were exam-based. They even include the biochemistry and cell biology classes that are required or recommended by some med schools.

1) Do I fulfill the biology requirements for medical schools?
2) On supplemental applications, where they sometimes ask for course numbers and names for the required bio classes with labs, do I just list down both of my undergrad bio courses even though one of them did not naturally have a lab class?