Aug 1, 2020
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Hi so I recently took the ADA practice OAT exam from: Test Preparation

I was just wondering if anyone else has taken this as I was planning to go back and review all the test questions but there doesn't seem to be an option to do so on the website. I wanted to use this as a study tool for the next few days before my exam but for some reason it's not letting me go back and see all the test questions/answers. Is this on purpose or is there some type of roundabout way of getting to them?

I was also wondering if anyone has an updated score conversion table that I could use as I only got raw scores from this test. I used the one from this thread: Is this the Sample ADA OAT exam? and seemed to be scoring well above the scores I got from the Kaplan practice OAT's. I realize that those tests are a lot harder but I was just wondering if this conversion table is still applicable or if it is outdated and the test scoring is a lot harsher nowadays (the thread is from 2016). I know the actual test is scored based on standard deviation so I'm unsure about the accuracy of these scores.
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