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questions about the international pharm.d program administered by Nova NSU


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Jan 28, 2013
  1. Pharmacy Student
    hi guys

    i read a lot about the international pharm.d program administered by two universities western university of health sciences and the nova southeastern university and decided to attend the program at the latter but i don't fully understand all the requirements i mean the nsu said on their website that "Three letters of recommendation/ evaluation are required. One should be from the dean/ director of a pharmacy program. In addition, a letter of reference from a registered pharmacist is recommended." what is that supposed to mean? in part the term recommendation/ evaluation does it mean that if i evaluate my foreign course work it's enough?

    i don't know how i'm supposed to be recommended by someone i never had the chance to work with i am about to graduate from my college i got a green card and did coursework as an intern but i never had a chance to work or study in the US before plus i heard that fpgee is not required to attend the program so i don't have to be licensed as a pharmacist in the US in order to apply so how would i get a working experience in the US if i'm not licensed as a US pharmacist i want to apply as soon as i graduate and get my BS but i'm totally confused now what exactly is required to apply?

    one last thing they said that "Upon receipt of the completed application and the required credentials, the most qualified applicants will be invited to interview." who do they consider as most qualified????

    i can see that the NSU is not clear at all about requirements and i've read on your forums that it's only a matter of luck to be accepted if so i'm considering attending the program at Western university what do you guys think?

    thanks a lot
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