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Mar 11, 2014
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Hey guys, so I just got an II to WCU. Its my first one so I'm definitely going attend it. But I was looking at old threads and got an overall negative consensus about this school. Specifically, the low comlex pass rate. However, theses threads are a few years old and since the tornado, I was just wondering where the school stands now; especially in terms of board success, rotations, and the quality of education. It would be great if current students could chime in.


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Mar 25, 2013
Denver, Colorado
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I'm not a student but I'll share the anecdotal info. I have. I have a number of health care industry clients in the SE, and I occasionally hear things about the med schools at LSU, Tulane, and WCU. On my most recent trip to New Orleans, I heard that the top student in one of WCU's classes was from Colorado and another Colorado student got a COMLEX score there that anyone would envy. What that tells me is that medical school performance is very individualized. The problem with the poliferation of DO schools, is that many (at least initially) admit students who really do not have the background or intellectual capacity to be med students. WCU has been around a few years and I think they now have some traction due to the fact that they have graduated a number of classes. Some of the newest DO schools are real wild cards because there is no empirical data to look at in regard to student performance. (i.e., UIW, NYIT-AR, BCOM, ARCOM).

For a number of reasons, LUCOM is an unique story all to itself. For their 2018 class, I just heard that 16 students (or 12% of their class) failed the COMLEX, and for the ones that passed, the average was only 507. In part, this of course is due to the quality of the students admitted. However, someone in that LUCOM class also scored a 719 on the COMLEX. That is why I'll repeat the refrain that med school performance is very individualized.
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Step 1 performance is based on the indivual and how much the school gets in the way of the individual.
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Dr. Callie Torres

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Apr 17, 2015
Stepping into the wards... Finally!
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So I'm a current 3rd year. Our class has the highest pass rate to date and admin seems very pleased. (I think 2 failed but I'm not 100% sure) I think its because we had no mandatory attendance second semester and basically listened to what classes b4 us said instead of what admin said; hopefully they'll keep the attendance thing going. Board studying is definitely incredibly individualized, but I think the schools play a big part in it too. Whether they emphasize the right things or even give you time off is a huge question to ask. WCUCOM has a bunch of flaws (as well as many other places) and you should ask every question you can before coming to decide if its the right place for you but board scores probably isn't the line in the sand for us.
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