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Questions!!, please, i need help!


Membership Revoked
10+ Year Member
Nov 21, 2008
  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Never posted before, would come in and browse the forums as a guest, but I need advice about my first interview invite (and hopefully a bunch more as I applied to a few schools, just a little late) . If anyone could answer as many questions as possible Id be very grateful!

1. For my interview besides asking me to discuss/describe my shadowing, are they going to be asking how many hours I shadowed for. I talked to 3 Optometrists and spent a day with them so I'm worried I'll be told I don't have enough experience. Will they ask me to provide proof on my shadowing and duration, how much is this stressed during the interview? I never held employment dealing with optometry, only shadowing, is that insufficient? I know I want this, but worried they might feel I havn't done enough and I don't know the specifics like if I need to know exactly how many hours I shadowed.

2.Besides a criminal background check, do schools do employment checks too, Will they verify the dates of the employment I listed on my application and how many hours per week, and will I have to prove any of this. I worked on and off at many places, but did not get specific on my application.

3. I wasn't planning on wearing a full blown suit, I was thinking nice dress-shirt with tie, dress pants and dress shoes, mainly like a suit, but without the jacket. I want to wear a heavier jacket I have, thats really nice too, just not a suit jacket and I definitely don't want to wear both because I already have the non suit jacket and really don't want to buy a suit jacket knowing I will just take it off anyways because I just don't want to wear one. Is this ok?

4.The interview invite asked to me bring a picture of myself to get to know me. Can I just bring my drivers license to have them photocopy it?, I was thrown off by this, what do they want? Will the drivers license be fine? I hope so. I'm worried.

5. When I call to schedule can anyone give me a ballpark to how far off from when I call will I get a date? A week? weeks? more than a month? 2 months? A general estimate would be fine. I know no-one knows for sure for my situation, maybe what you experienced yourself, id appreciate that.

If as many people on here would reply Id be very grateful, the more opinions the better! Im so worried about all this! Thanks Everyone!


Full Member
10+ Year Member
Jun 20, 2008
  1. Optometry Student
1. I dont think they require proof of shadowing; most of that proof comes from the knowledge you gained from your experiences. Also, sometimes that optometrist you shadowed may write a recommendation, which helps too. For myself, I didnt have much proof, but they asked me about it anyways, about what I did there, what I saw, what the optometrist did, etc. Just know the responsibilities of an optometrist, what they do, etc. Basically, everything you've seen from shadowing (plus much more if you havent seen much) will prove that you've done it.
2.Beats me, I highly doubt it, but I'm sure it doesnt hurt
3. A suit is standard in my opinion, but a nice jacket wont hurt. The basic idea is to present yourself as a professional, so most nice/professional outfits will work.
4. I've been asked that too, and they want a 2" x 3" picture, wallet size. At one of my interviews they actually took a picture of me there instead of having me bring in one. It's just to get an idea of the applicant and everything I think. Bring a picture in that you're prepared to give to them so they can put it in your file.
5. Interviews fill up fast depending on the school. The last two interview invitations I tried to schedule (in early November), ended up being for the middle of January because that was the earliest time available. With holidays and such coming up, there probably wont be many until January or even February, but give it a shot.
Good Luck!


SDF Member
10+ Year Member
Jun 17, 2008
  1. Pre-Optometry
I think I am being an echo of Sportsdude, but you said you wanted as many replies as possible....

I've never been asked for proof of shadowing, but they may press you with questions if they feel you don't have enough experience. But, if you feel you have gained enough experience in your shadowing... don't worry.

There's no way they will verify this... it would shock me if they would... but you should have been honest on all parts of your apps. If you were, why are you worried????? :confused:

A suit is best... but what you are describing sounds presentable.

Bring a picture! Don't just bring your license. At IU, they wanted a picture so they can display your name and photo in the admissions office as people accept seats in the class.

It depends on the school and when they are interviewing. Most schools have only set days for interviews and they do fill up quickly. At SCO, I got an interview in two weeks after the request. At IU, I had to wait just over a month. My advice, just get your apps in ASAP and respond ASAP to their interveiw requests. That's all you can do... as far as timing goes.

It sounds like you are getting freaked out... but you really don't need to worry. Take your apps and interviews seriously, but you really don't need to panic. You're doing the right thing by asking questions on SDF... Good luck!
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