Questions about transitioning to Optometry

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Sep 14, 2023
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Hello, I graduated with a bachelors in biomedical engineering but unfortunately I do not think I want to make a profession out of it.
I was considering transitioning to optometry but I wanted to ask for your thoughts.
I have taken 2 physics classes with lab, 1 molecular biology course with lab, 1 systems physiology with lab, 1 stats (tho for engineers), 3 calcs, 2 chem with lab, and orgo 1 with lab. I have a 3.32 GPA.
Can I transition from BME to pre optometry with these course credits? Is there any more I need to take?
What sort of experience should I come in with for optometry and how much?
I also wanted to ask how is optometry school compared to medical school? What sort of courses do optometry students take? Do optometry students have rotations as well?
And how is the job market for optometrists? Are students likely to be hired or is it too saturated? Does it still look viable in 4 years?

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You have come to the right place. Have you shadowed optometrists yet? Talk to your prehealth advisor or an admissions representative.

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