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Questions regarding Georgetown MD/PhD program

B 9

New Member
Jan 15, 2013
I've been looking through the forum for a while and could only find a couple posts on Georgetown's program. I am aware that the program is not fully funded (50% tuition reduction for MD years + stipend during PhD years), and also that it is not an MSTP. However, it seems to me that the proximity to NIH (through GPP program or not) will provide some great advantages. I've heard many things about its medical school (no P/F system, old buildings, community-based clinic, MS1 and MS2 students being in the same class with SMP students), but can anyone fill in more details regarding the MD/PhD program there?

red doctober

Full Member
May 11, 2012
Middle West
  1. MD/PhD Student
I'm not sure that Georgetown MD/PhD students are able to do their research at an NIH lab. There is a program that most but not all MD/PhD programs support that allows students to do their research at the NIH, Oxford, or Cambridge (http://oxcam.gpp.nih.gov/prospectiveStudents/MD_PhD_ProgDesc.asp). I'm not extremely familiar with the program, but I would expect it to be extremely competitive.
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