Quick non-science grade related question

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May 19, 2012
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So I'm currently a junior planning to apply this cycle. I will be taking the MCAT May 30th and I feel as if all of my grades this semester will be As/A minuses (I'm taking Physics 2, Biochemistry, and Human Physiology) except for one...I have been enrolled in University Chorus every semester since freshman year spring. It is a one credit class and your grade is dependent upon attendance at rehearsals and concerts.

We had two concerts last weekend, and due to an emergency situation, I missed one night of the concert because I was stuck on the other side of town. I pleaded my case with the choir director, but he may very well give me an F. Best case scenario, I can hope for a D or maybe a C of some sort.

It is a one credit class that essentially doesn't count towards my major, minor, or pre-med pre requisites. But I'm REALLY worried, because having an F or a D will stand out, and I don't have an all A transcript anyways (C+ Orgo 1, B Orgo 2, B Physics 1).

Should I address it in my application somewhere? If so, where is the best place to do so? I'm really really worried because I tried really hard to raise my sGPA in upper level sciences this semester, and it would suck if my cGPA stayed the same due to one dumb 1 credit course.


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An F or even D or C would really suck, but 1 credit isn't enough to weigh it down too much. Go to a website with a GPA calculator and plug in your grades to figure out what you'll end up with.