Quoted: Pregnant while applying for residency in IM


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Apr 4, 2007
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I recently found out that i am pregant and realize that i will be due around december. Now I realize that resident interviews are around Oct-Nov-Dec-Jan. I am currently interested in internal -medicine. I want to know how schools look at a pregnant student during interview and whether this will decrease my chance of matching. I will greatly appreciate any ones advice and input and also anyone who has been in this situation. Thanks

I personally expect that any program that you would WANT to go to would look at the "whole picture" and decide if they would like you as a resident regardless of the fact you'll have a small child. I'm sure, however, that won't universally be true of all programs. It might be better to look at bigger programs with more flexibility in scheduling. We'll see what experts in this topic say, however.....


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Oct 11, 2006
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This happens commonly. At least a handful of our applicants are obviously pregnant during their interview day. It is of no consequence on my end -- I can only imagine how difficult it can be to interview 7-9 months pregnant.

The only issue is this: Will you be ready to work on July 1st? If you're due in December, you will likely be ready in July. Make sure you will graduate from medical school on time -- if your graduation is delayed, then you may not be able to participate in the match.

if you think you will not be able to start work on July 1st, then you should consider delaying a start until next year.