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Dec 23, 2003
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Hi all,
I am an undergrad student thinking about becoming a dosimetrist. I recently read an article stating that a dosimetrist can receive significant radiation exposure on the job especially during brachytherapy. I know that studies have not shown a proven link between low doses of ionizing radiation and any detrimental effects, but nevertheless I'm starting to have second thoughts about the profession. Any thoughts on this? I'm asking this question here because dosimetrists routinely work with radiation oncologists, and i'm sure the radonc's face many of the same risks. Thanks.


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Nov 17, 2004
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In my experience, an actual dosimetrist receives ZERO radiation. At every department I have been in, they never left a single dosimetry room throughout a day. I did once see a dosimetrist go to a brachy prostate case but never got near a source. My current department has them on a different floor all together. The catch is I don't think one can become a dosimetrist at all without being an RT first. There is some potential for exposure then, but this is negligible too as one is usual behind feet of cement or lead during external treatment. In our dept., the simulation personal attend most of the other open source therapies, e.g. cervical LDR, Gliasite.


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Jun 7, 2001
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dosimetrists dont usually go in on brachy procedures (physicists do) so the exposure is near zero. however in all cases obviously radiation precautions are in place to minimize risk.


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Feb 20, 2005
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I'm a dosimetrist and my annual exposure was 0.001 rem. This is considered a negligible individual risk level, so its basically nothing. Just remember time, distance, and shielding and you'll be fine.
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