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Feb 25, 2005

I designed a new website specifically for providing reviews of radiology residency programs from the perspective of rotating medical students, interviewing applicants, and current residents. These reviews are based on a template that includes what many consider the most useful information in applying/choosing a program. There is also an application season "FAQ" style forum. The twist is that in order to view most of this information, you would have to submit at least a single review yourself. Reviews must be accepted by the moderator for them to apply towards membership.

The site is ready for public access, but only as a beta test. If you are interested in helping future applicants by providing at least some of the information you have gained throughout this season, perhaps by posting a review of your top choice (or other) program. If you decide to participate, please keep in mind this is only for those willing to spend a few minutes posting a review using the provided templates. Thank you!