rank these pediatric programs..........

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Oct 17, 2007
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how would you rank these programs based on reputation,residency training and fellowship placements in higher tier institutions......
1.u conn
2.suny stony brook
3. scheiders children hspital
4.mt sinai
5. univ of florida
any ideas:idea:

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anyone please??????:love:
The only program I can comment on is UF and I'll assume you mean Gainesville, not Jax. Without being able to quote you any stats, UF-G (where I'm in school) is a great peds program in terms of your finished product. The grads place very well in competitive fellowships (off the top of my head we have one recent grad who went to UNC-CH for neo-very tough to get into and a bunch who are doing heme-onc cards etc at big programs). The board pass scores are very good too. The community is really pushing for a free standing kids hospital but right now you'd split time between AGH the community hospital-very bread and butter peds, and the mega referral center Shands where you'll handle the complex kids no one else can take care of down in the South- CHD, transplant, basically the zebras.

Hope this helps