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Sep 6, 2002
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I've been quite curious about how many people got "you are ranked to match" letters from programs (ie a letter that guarantees that the program will rank you in the top X, where X is the number of residents they are taking).

I'm not confirming or denying that I received or did not receive any such letters, as I don't want it perceived that I'm bringing this up to brag or anything. I do know several people that DID get such letters, however, so I know it happens.

Are these letters technically legal? My impression was that it was kind of a gray area. Was anyone swayed in their ranking by receiving such a letter?



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Mar 23, 2001
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When I applied I did not receive any letters quite like that, though I did receive the you will be ranked highly letter with a comment on please contact them if I plan to rank them as my first choice. Which may be a gray area too.

There will probably always be programs that do this kind of crud. No one really holds them accountable it seems. One nice thing about the internet is we can comment on programs that act up. Maybe warn some of our future colleagues.


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Oct 4, 2002
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Hey MR. P,
I got two letters that said what you described in your post. It probably did sway me a bit in the way I ranked programs. I was wondering if it violates some rule too. I really don't know. Did you get some letters like this? 'Cause if you did I'll bet we got 'em from the same programs.
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