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    I'm currently enrolled in a US University, and would like to know if I would be eligible to this program. I have heard of students who have not completed their undergraduate baccalaureate degree and who have gone on to RCSI's 6 year program. What are the requirements?

    Enough of the "college is the best time of your life, apply AFTER your undergraduate degree" -- I'm in Kuala Lumpur and have bumped into many friends who have gone on to medical school in the UK, and in Malaysia, RIGHT after highschool-- it is fustrating when they are already starting their clinical years and you are still mastering your basic sciences.

    I already partied my freshman year. :rolleyes:

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    go to www.rcsi.ie. requirements are just grades, mcat, and probably recommendation forms. I dunno how you would choose to apply..you can download an application from them, but most US and Canadians apply through the atlantic bridge program (www.atlanticbridge.com) so they can apply to more than one school under the same registration. Hey, if you want to quit undergrad and go straight to one of their med schools, why not? no use wasting time in undergrad. I would have done it, but seeing as I'm a senior now, I think my parents would have killed me if I didn't finish out my degrees :) I know plenty of Canadians and Americans at Trinity (similar program as RCSI) who dropped out of undergrad and went straight to med school there, and they're having a blast.

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