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    I just wanted to post something about the 65-67 Aungier street accommodation for the people who will be looking for housing next year. It is not as advertised:
    1. Modern conveniences do not include:
    • Shelves
    • Phone
    • Door bell – this is a problem as key entrance to the front door has broken a few times locking everyone out of the building, so if you have forgotten your mobile at home you are out of luck
    2. It is not graduate student housing, there are plenty of pre-meds there as well
    • Also all the floors are co-ed, wasn’t a problem for me but I know it is an issue for some people
    3. General management of the building
    • The management company still enters each of the apartments without notice
    • Tries to enforce rules such as no overnight guest that were not stipulated in the lease agreement
    • Failed to have all of amenities promised installed by the start of the lease date (namely internet, desks, and laundry services) and are still not operating at full capacity

    If anyone would like more information I would be happy to provide.

    On a side note I have really enjoyed my first year at RCSI and would highly recommend the graduate entry program

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