Re: StChris "partnerships" and other dubiosities...

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A Room rental agreement does not qualify as a "partnership". St. Chris used to rent some rooms at the cambridge campus.
Folks, since y'all dont seem to know the difference, here's a little info..
A rental agreement means that you can use someone else's property in a certain permissible manner, for a certain amount of compensation.

A partnership is the working together, of individuals, groups, or incorporated entities, toward a common goal.

So now that we're clear on these basic terms, lets see...
"st.chris and cambridge in partnership" would mean that cambridge university has a vested interest in st.chris' success...
Hmmm.. makes you wanna ask Cambridge University for a response, doesnt it?

I dont know whether "Dubiosities" is the correct word, but you guys know what I mean...
Ganging up on Neil.C is helping us understand the real workings of st.chris. Just go back through all his 600+ listings, and you'll find a guy who's proud of his university, and at the same time, is honest enough to point out that it might not be the first option for a US student. Occasionally he makes mistakes, and is open enough to admit that he might have made a mistake. So attacking this guy for pointing out some flourescent faults at st.chris, isnt going to help you guys. What you shoul do, is look at the content of his "GRIPES", as he'd put it, and use it as constructive criticism. I dont know neil personally, but i've been reading his, Dr.Cuts, Miklos and a few others' notes, and they are really blunt honest people, who take the time to help future docs avoid the quicksands, so instead of attacking these guys, y'all should thank them for their thoughts. Instead of spending the stchris money on misleading student's y'aall should think of slapping up a library. i remember some stchris spammers last year, saying that they really didnt need a library... That says a lot about st.chris, its founders, and another little morsel that i recently discovered..

Is it true that St.Chris directors/founders include people who couldnt pass out of some carib school, learnt the tricks of the med-school trade, and slapped up a med school..
wow, that would be something, now, wouldnt it?
I really would appreciate a response from all y'all neil busters..


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thanks for the nice words, ebaydove. however, i want to point out one thing that is no longer accurate:

st chris has nothing to do with cambridge, nor do they claim to. they moved to luton a while back, so this is old news. now they have their own building, and no agreements outside of the anatomy arangement, as far as i know. current students will have much better info than me on this, but my main point is that the old rental arrangement (which is not really a big deal at all, unless affiliation is implied) is no longer in place.

as for the academic record of the owner, i don't have any accurate information. i have heard the rumors, and that is about all i can say. i don't think it takes a doctor to run a medical school, but i do think that an honest disclosure of his background would be nice. but, again, that can't come from me. current students, or the admin over there would be the best source of that information.

also, while i have participated in several discussions on st chris, i don't want to give the impression that i am anti-st chris. i am against any school that gives misleading info, and i think that much of the stuff that was percieved by some to be misleading has been cleared up at st chris. i think the school has done a good job at becoming a player in the offshore medical education business. it seems to have improved quite a bit, it certainly seems to have grown, and i wish the best for all the students that attend it. while there are still issues to be resolved (licensing comes to mind), these are issues that really simply require time to see what will happen. as long as the folks that are going there are aware of the situation, no problem.

just wanted to make sure that my views were clear. i don't want to get involved in some battle of the schools, and i don't want to appear against any specific school. my goal on these forums is simply to make sure that potential students have access to good information, and are made as aware as possible of any potential problems that may be glossed over by some. if people go in with their eyes open, i wish them the best.

there really are no new issues to discuss here. if you have questions about the school, check the forum and the archives. i bet that you can get lots of information from that. also, many students make themselves available to help (bts comes to mind). if you have some new issue, by all means post it, but i do think that lots of the stuff has been discussed ad nauseum, and i would hate to see some flame war get started on this thread.

best of luck with your med school decision!