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This forum is for medical students in their first and second years. This is NOT the forum for:
  • Premedical students who want to ask a medical student a question. Ask your questions in the Premed forums as many of the people who respond to those questions are medical students who have been through the process.
  • What are my chances? questions. There is a subforum under Premedical Allopathic that covers those issues. Please post those questions in that forum.
  • What school should I choose? - These are pre-med issues and belong in the premedical forums. There are also "school specific" areas under Pre-Allopathic that probably have the answers to your questions.
  • Anyone who wants to "show something" to a medical student- there are forums below that are more appropriate.
  • Questions that deal with third and fourth year. We have a forum for those years that is just below this one that discusses rotations and other clinical year issues.
  • Social and off-topic issues. There is the All-Students Forum and other social forums below. You can post your "cute" off topic things there for everyone to enjoy.
  • Topics that deal with healthcare issues. We have a forum for those topics below where you can discuss those topics to your heart's content.
  • Financial Aid issues– there is a Financial Aid and a Finances forum below that are moderated by experts in these areas.
  • Technology Questions – there is a Technology forum below that covers PDAs, computers, apps and other things. This forum is sponsored and moderated by people who know these issues well.
  • "What's it like in medical school? questions – if you are going to medical school in the upcoming year, you are still a pre-med student and those questions are more appropriate for the pre-med forums. If you are going to attend a specific school, look at the Class Forums to see if there is a class thread for your class. Post your questions there.
  • Questions about USMLE- there are forums below that deal with issues for all steps of USMLE and COMLEX
  • Questions about Residency, choosing specialties and residency applications – we have forums below that deal with every specialty and application to every specialty.
  • Homework Help-Learn to use Google, Bing and other search engines. Also be aware that medical school notes are copyrighted materials that students have purchased. It isn't likely that they are going to send you access to their notes or lecture materials. If you are a student at a particular school, you would have access.
As stated above, medical students are well-represented in every forum on this website as it is the Student Doctor Network. If your questions/problems do not deal with academic and procedural issues of the first and second years of medical school, then take a moment, look at the other forums on this message board and choose the one that is most appropriate for your issue
Not open for further replies.