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Nov 8, 2008
How easy is it on the real DAT PAT section to skip a section and then find it after you've done the other section?

I'm asking because on CDP I'm pretty inconsistant with angle ranking and have been getting from 6/15 to 12/15 randomly so I figure this section is a crap shoot. I tried leaving it till the end on the last few tests and was able to break the 21 barrier where as before I was getting 19-20.... when I left it till the end, I had only about 3-4 mins to do it and got the same score as I did before when spending 6-7 mins on it but improved pattern folding by like 3-4 quetions since I always had time issues by the time I got to pattern folding.

So on the real DAT, does it have a "Mark" feature like CDP where after I finish the last question I'll be able to go to the marked question and start from there..... or do I have to mark every single question I want to go through?


Michael De Coro, DMD - AKA Steve McAwesome
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Nov 19, 2008
Visalia, CA
From what I remember, if you mark something, and then go to the end, hitting the "review marked questions" button will only show you the ones you marked, so you may need to mark all of them if you want to do it that way. I think there's also a way to select which question number you want to go to in a list, so that might work better for you.

Good luck!
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