Apr 28, 2016
I am a reapp in KY. Interveiwed at both UK and U of L and was on both wait lists. I won't get in either school unfortunately and now am looking at what schools I should apply to besides those two. My MCAT is 508 and GPA is 3.86 and I was told by both schools that I interviewed well and that my ECs were fine. U of L said that I am in a "good" position for a Reapp as far as grades and GPA go. UK told me that I need a higher MCAT score and would have been in the lower portion of their class and it was likely that I would be in the same position next year but I could get in. I have already reapplied so a new MCAT is out of the question at the moment. Just curious what other schools I should be looking at. I live 15 minutes from Cincinnati but I would be OOS even though that is the school I live the closest to. Do you think I would have a good chance getting in this cycle? I'm an ORM as well if that factors into it. Thanks in advance for all your help! I can post EC's if necessary but figured that two schools OKing them would suffice.
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Nov 4, 2011
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Your blessing (a 40% IS matriculation) is also your curse.
Only 39 people left KY for medical school last year, and we know it.
Unless you attended an OOS undergrad or have some strong reason for them to consider you, it's hard to come up with an OOS list. You could try SLU, Creighton and Loyola. Throw in Tulane, I guess.


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May 5, 2015
WVU and Marshall were the big ones I was thinking of here being from a bordering state(Marshall only considers bordering states for OOS)
Both are fairly mission oriented, how you fit the mission of increasing rural primary care in West Virginia will be important.

I would agree with the above OP a long OOS list here isnt really going to help much. I've seen IU and Cincy give IIs to some lower stat OOS apps from bordering areas in the past. Not high yield, but worth a shot. Maybe throw in a few OOS schools with stats around yours that dont get alot of apps(ie Creighton). Good chance your odds will come down to what happens in state though, especially at L'ville if in fact UK wants a higher MCAT
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