reapplicant: 3.7 511 MCAT . help with school list?

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May 8, 2017
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yes, i fit their mission but was not offered an interview this past cycle. i'll add all the ones you mentioned; i didn't apply to those. i will be a re-applicant to about half of the schools on the list. thank you for the help!
You're Adventist and didn't get an interview?
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Yes, I mentioned this in the secondary that i don't drink, eat meat, etc. which is all aligned with Loma Linda' values.

sorry to ask again, but are you able to offer insight into my mcat (129-124-127-131)? do you think i should retake ? i'm concerned if i retake it, i will delay my application.
Good, then LLU belongs on the list. Too many folks apply without an understanding of their expectations and mission.
511 is a fine score.
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