Reapplicant- Advice greatly appreciated

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Feb 9, 2013
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Oct 15, 2011
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Hey everyone,

I was hoping to get some advice on reapplying to allopathic schools next cycle.

I applied late this past cycle (secondaries in by October) because I took a late MCAT (July 27th). I did not perform as well as I wanted on the MCAT (29Q w/ 8PS 10VR 11BS) and I am retaking it July 26th this year. I also have a low GPA: 3.5 cGPA and 3.4 sGPA, but I have an upward trend of a 4.0 in the past 50 hours of course work (not including this current semester of 19 credit hours). I will also be doing the Georgetown SMP next year to continue to show academic success.

I am planning to reapply for the 2013-2014 cycle in May. I've seen a lot of posts about not reapplying with a low MCAT, but I was wondering if my application will still be considered early if I get in all my secondaries in May as well and indicate that I am retaking the MCAT in July.

I'm also unsure about which schools to apply to. I have a list of 24 schools already, but I feel that I need to continue to tweak it. I know my 2nd MCAT will be a big factor, but with my gpa and mcat I am not remotely competitive for my state school (Maryland), so I am looking for schools I can get into with my current stats.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


I'm a little confused... the last time I applied AMCAS (the primary app) only opened on like June you would need to fill that out before you get any secondaries.....

My recommendation as far as filling out applications is to apply broadly and pick a few schools from all tiers. What seems lacking from your post above is experience shadowing or volunteering or medically related work experience. If you do an SMP with the kind of grades you have it will definitly help. I would also work in some volunteering experience to bring a little "humanity" to your story. Good Luck!!

P.S. I am NO expert on this, although I did go through 3 cycles, but make sure you pick out some private schools which may be a little more forgiving when you are OOS...I'm thinking schools like EVMS or Drexel.