Dec 4, 2019
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Hi all! I applied to DPT school last year and just decided to reapply this upcoming cycle.
With that being said, how does reapplying with PTCAS work?

I have all new references, am writing all new essays, and am reflecting on a couple of my experiences to see if there’s anything I forgot to leave out previously.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Jun 30, 2018
So you can easily pull all the information you entered in PTCAS from the previous application cycle easily. It asks you when you log in if you would like to pull the information. It will pull almost everything besides your essays and supplemental information. Schools will not be able to look up anything until you reapply to them this year as far as I know. You will still be able to add new references and might need recertification of previous references but don't quote me on that. Hope this helps! Good luck!!!
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