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Received MCAT Score Today (124 CARS) and need to Finalize my School List... help!!!

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Jun 28, 2018
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I received my MCAT score today and it wasn't so hot. I got a 509 129/124/127/129. I'm pretty bummed out because this is way lower than my practices FLS...

I have already had my application verified with one school and am wondering show I should move forward. I'm particularly worried about my CARS score. I've checked on MSAR there are a couple schools that have 124 CARS as their 10th percentile, while most have 125 as their 10th.

Could I please get some advice on which schools I should apply to? I'm not sure how bad I'm going to get screened out

For reference:

CA resident

Triple Major at a top public university (2 science majors and 1 humanities major)

sGPA: 3.53 cGPA: 3.69

Strong ECs with leadership positions and 1500+ hours of community service

Should also have strong LORs

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