Recently took the DAT (03/2022) and used DAT Bootcamp

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Apr 13, 2022
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Hi all, I recently took the DAT in March and thought that I should share what worked for me. For some context, it's been a while since I've taken some of the prerequisites as I took a gap year and I was super nervous about that and the fact that chemistry has always been a weak point for me. I studied for two months, used only Bootcamp, and followed Ari's study schedule exactly. My scores are the following: 20 PA, 20 QR, 20RC, 24 BC, 20GC, 21 OC, 22TS, and 21 AA. In general, I think that Bootcamp really prepares you for all the sections well. While the bootcamp practice tests are pretty reflective of the actual exam, I would say that they are actually harder which is a good thing because it prepares you for the worst. I found myself struggling time wise with the BC tests, but I finished every section on the actual test with plenty of time. RC and QR on the actual test I feel are kind of luck of the draw. There are some passages and questions that are really easy while others are hard so I would be scoring between 22-29. On QR, it just depends on how many time consuming questions you get, so speed and practice is key. What worked best for me with biology was doing the Anki decks provided by BC in order to learn the more obscure facts and terms. But I would really suggest listening when BC says some concepts are high yield and make sure you really have those parts down. PA on the actual test is easier but the pictures aren't as crisp as they are on BC. Lastly, for OC I would recommend doing the reaction bites to memorize the reagents and reactants. In my opinion, don't waste your time on learning mechanisms for all the reactions, only learn them for substitution and elimination reactions. I hope this helps and I'd be happy to answer any questions.

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Great scores, congrats!
Would you recommend the dat bootcamp condensed notes, or go with feralis instead (if you used it)?