Apr 30, 2015
Hi all,

Like many others, I had a less than stellar undergraduate career. Based on my current GPA calculations in Excel, my AACOMAS sGPA would be 3.27 with a cGPA of 3.15. This is incorporating retakes. Red flags on my transcript include retakes in Organic 1 (one retake - grades of C+/A) and Organic 2 (two retakes - results of W/F/A), and an additional withdrawal in Microbiology. As noted above, I have retaken Organic 1 & 2, which is incorporated in my sGPA; I have also retaken Biochemistry, but am not optimistic that it will be counted for grade replacement due to differing course titles, and have therefore not included it as a retake in the calculated GPAs. I have not yet taken the MCAT.

I need some advice figuring out what to do next. My options, as I see them, are:
a) take or retake an additional science course; however, remaining course may be difficult to count as replacements, given uniqueness of remaining courses with grades lower than a B. Course options available to me are physiology (may or maybe not count as a retake) or genetics (this would be a new course for me, never previously attempted); take Sociology next spring. This would bump my sGPA to 3.29 and cGPA to 3.18
b) re-take Macroeconomics and take Sociology (first-time) - this would bump my cGPA to 3.23
c) re-take Macroeconomics and Medical Terminology; also take Sociology next spring. This would bump my cGPA to a 3.25 (and I shouldn't have any issue with Med Term, as I missed the final in my prior attempt due to a hospitalization and have 2+ years of scribing experience since).
My biggest challenge with options B & C is justifying a re-take of a course that doesn't really benefit me, other than to change my GPA(s) moderately. Option A offers the greatest risk, in that it offers the greatest potential to not get an A (upper division science course).

I suppose the remaining option would be:
d) do not take any additional coursework in Fall semester; focus entirely on the MCAT this fall and take Sociology (as pre-req for certain schools) next Spring, bringing cGPA to 3.17 for application.
Of note, I do work more than full-time and have to move around a lot, meaning I have more limited study time than some. I want to maximize my chances during the next application cycle, and my goal would be not to be auto-screened out at any school, based on GPAs. So far, I know KCUMB is the one I am really on the line for.

Thanks for your input and advice!
Dec 8, 2014
It's usually pointless to discuss anything without mcat. In your case, retake any class below B-, do well in mcat, take upper div science (genetics, physio, micro etc)
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