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Recommended Non-Science Courses?



1. Any suggestions for interesting non-science courses?

The only thing I can think of is abnormal psychology and life-span development. I would like more options to choose from and don't know where to look for those "must-takes" for every pre-med.

2. Also, Is abnormal psych LoR considered a science or non-science LoR? I

EDIT: by no means should it have to be relevant in any way to pre-med.
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Apr 25, 2019
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Second to whoever said Spanish. The earlier you start, the happier you will be by far. Language acquisition takes time.

I'm going to go completely off the wall and say any intro to acting class. If there's one thing I learned throughout med school and beyond is how effective you are is intrinsically linked to how you construct your speech and your body emotions.

In the ER I have to use the entire spectrum of emotions all day long and switch between them frequently. Obviously, you want to be as genuine and compassionate as possible. However, being able to switch between roles such as caregiver and leader is a skill in itself.

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Take a language you are interested in and actually learn it. I hate Spanish. Can't stand it. Thanks for the memories, highschool.

But I minored in a language and practiced so much outside of class that I'm pretty conversationally fluent. It has come in handy many times.

Do Spanish if you don't hate it. It's so useful. Otherwise, maybe Mandarin or Arabic.
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