Registrar sent wrong transcript and application is already verified-what to do??


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Apr 21, 2020
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    I had a question regarding my transcript. I sent a transcript to AACOMAS after grades were officially posted, so the transcript sent should have included my spring grades from my post-bacc. However, due to a system error, an incomplete transcript was sent that did not contain my spring grades. I contacted registrar and they said they will send an updated transcript with a note explaining their mistake to AACOMAS, but because my application has already been verified, AACOMAS Is not able to change my grades till September, which is when the first academic update period takes place. I will make sure to update my grades during the academic update period. I had three main questions.

    1. Will schools be able to see the updated transcript when the AACOMAS application is sent to them? Or would I need to send the transcript separately?
    2. Should I let schools know about this error that took place, and if so does that mean that they will take my spring grades into account?
    3. How significant of an impact will this have on my application aka when will schools start to look at applications for the new osteopathic cycle?
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