Jan 31, 2013
Hi, just wanted to see what your opinions are on this. So I just finished all my interviews. My step 1 score was in the mid 240s. Decent LORs, etc. however, I have a bad step 2 score that I have been holding (210s). I was just asked if I could release my score through eras. Should I just release it now because it doesn't make a difference at this point or should I just keep holding onto it? Thanks!

Btw, I've told the program my score during the interview.
Oct 30, 2012
Only one program asked you to release it? How important is that one program to you? I predict that if you don't release it you won't end up at that program.

Also, how many other programs have you verbally told your score to?

If a bunch of programs don't know about it and that one program isn't VERY VERY important to you, I personally wouldn't release it. Shoot yourself in the foot at a bunch of places possibly. You may even get the program that is requesting it given that you already told them what it was, although I think that is unlikely.
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