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Jun 1, 2001
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hey all, quick question...

as much as i hate research, i did get involved in some. however, it was pretty peripheral involvement. it was some urogyn research, and i basically sat and measured angles on hundreds upon hundreds of US printouts. i also have done quite a bit of editing of the papers, as the profs speak english as a second language. there is another paper where i am contributing about the same...a gopher, grunting out/collecting data and measurments, and editing.

i am not expecting to get my name listed as an author on any of this, but i am wondering how i can include it in my CV. i am not trying to portray myself as some research gunner, but i just want it to be clear that i have at least gone out of my way, exposed myself to it, and that i will be able to get through any project the residency will require of me...

so, how do i put this sort of thing on my CV? or do i even get to mention it?

thanks in advance!



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Sep 22, 2004
on the ERAS CV, you actually get to put what your "actual" role is in the research. So, I would list it, and be honest about your role in the studies. However, know everything about the topic the research is about, because this topic is fair game during interviews. Hope this helps