research : does it have to be with radiology?

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Jan 27, 2002
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I asked this on AM but I haven't received an answer.

Basically I'm an FMG so its not like my school is involved in any research. So I have to reach out to the university settings to get opportunities.

I know I can get involved in some research that is being done at Rush that I think is in the area of thoracic surgery (not quite sure).

If I got involved in this research, would it be of any help to me in matching into rads or must I continue to search out opportunities in radiology.

I talked to the dept head of radiology in the hospital I'm at, but he wasn't of much help in this regard. As he put "I'm a DO in a MDs world". And he said with the equipment the hospital has, etc he's never seen a case worth of publishing a case report.

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any research is good.

rads research is better.

significant clinical research changes clinical practice: large prospective > large retrospective > case series > case report

you will be competing for interviews with many applicants who have rads publications and/or research underway; if the ONLY way you can get involved in research involves another discipline, go for it . . . but try to make sure it hits up the higher end of the 'significant research' scale.

you WILL be asked on interviews why you chose to get involved in that project. you need a non-whiny and enthusiastic response to that question, not just 'well, my school doesn't give us radiology research blah blah blah'

good luck!
Maybe consider doing rads research where you have a realistic chance of getting an interview as an FMG. I know that a school like that could be an oxymoron and not exist, but that way you maximize your chances.

Best wishes
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thanks, thats the answer I was looking for.

I think I outta stop calling U of Chicago, seems my calls are going to deaf ears. and looking to some other places in this area.
an FMG friendly program in chicagoland is St Francis. you'll have alot better shot over there.
nvm, will call monday.
st francis is a no ...