Research for Rad/Onc

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Sep 4, 2011
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hi everyone, i'm a rising 3rd year and recently became interested in rad onc in our last block of second year material through a lecture on prostate adenocarcinoma treatments. I spoke to some friends that were already interested and it seems like they all have been working on getting research for Rad/Onc since day one of med school whereas i had no idea coming in what i wanted to do.

I know i have some catching up to do but is it possible for me to garner enough research 3rd year in order to apply by 4th year? If so i'd appreciate any advice anyone had on the matter.

I'm working on attaining a 240+ on step 1 which off my practice tests so far seems possible.


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Jun 1, 2011
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I didn't decide on rad-onc until my 3rd year as well. You should have no problem obtaining research and producing a poster or presentation, especially if you have a home program. I doubt you will have time for anything substantial, but you should be able to produce an abstract or two. If you do not have a home program, you can sometimes pick up a project at an early away rotation, and complete it before interviews. Spend your energy on step 1 for now. You will have time for research.