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Jul 16, 2006
I'm currently a DO student with poor grades (a few failures preclinical) I have the aptitude for success though. Scored 37 MCAT, with research no pubs during undergrad and a 250+ USMLE.

How can I get involved in research say at the NIH? I'm currently a 3rd year and plan to go into IM. Do I have to wait until I start a residency to have that opportunity?

Suppose I am interested in the NIH- are there ways to get this experience even with not so great grades etc? Like take a year off to do paid work. I'd like to do it in something I'm interested in- specifically biostatistics, epidemiology, or anything math based with a potential for high publication - IE less dependent on the damned mice.

Please advise.

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Oct 19, 2013
The question is if you have any experience. Many labs at this point won't hire you with nothing to bring to the table. If you want to volunteer, contact labs you are interested in. Alternatively use some elective time for research rotations.