Research oppurtunities at NYUCD?

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Jul 28, 2003
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Hey guys,
I have applied for the advanced placement program at NYUCD and was recently put on the waiting list. I was wondering if it would be possible to do volunteer reasearch in any program that NYUCD is undertaking.
Or actually i'd be willing to do anything in a research program in any capacity.
Has anyone ever participated in any kind of research program specifically at NYU that can guide me on how to go about this.
Basically i dont wanna waste time until the next admissions cycle rolls around (i have a feeling i wont get in this time) and i thought that doing something like this would look really good on my resume for next year's admissions cycle. Any other ideas on what i could do for a year besides shadowing?
Any advice?

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There are a few things or steps that you can take to do some research.

NYUCD has the Bluestone Center for Research where you can volunteer, especially over the summer. You would want to contact Dr. Ship, director of Bluestone. That would be a good starting place.