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Jan 25, 2004
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hey I already recieved by bachelor's degree already. However i changed my mind and want to do medicine. So now i am finishing my premed requirements at a different university. I was just wondering if anyone here did any research programs as an undergrad or someone that has already graduated but not yet in grad school. Are there any good programs or summer programs out there that can increase my chanes of being admitted into a med school? It seems like most of these programs are for undergrads only? If so can you post some links? I heard by word of mouth that med school applicants have a great chance of being accepted into medical school if they do research for the school that they are applying to. Is that true?


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Sep 30, 2002
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many schools (even some med schools) offer some great summer internships that allow you to go live at the school and even get paid to do ~10 weeks worth of work. I spent summer of 2003 at Washington University School of Medicine participating in the biomedical research apprenticeship program (BiomedRAP)....I met a lot of great faculty members and physicians (even got a LOR from a faculty member), and some members from the admissions committee....it got me acquainted with Wash U and St. Louis, and now that I'm playing the application game, its one of my top choices.

here's the link for biomedrap http://biomedrap.wustl.edu/

Another thing you might look up is the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergrads (NSF-REU) program.....I participated in this program at the university of Kansas during 2002.

You'll be surprised at how much is out there! Good luck
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