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Aug 5, 2002
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I will be beginning my undergraduate years in a couple weeks, and I am trying to plan out my next four years. When I read through a lot of applicants stats I notice that many have done research at different instutions. I also noticed that they have had something published. Now my questions are, how would I go about doing research, because it seems like something that needs to be done for a med school applicant. My other question is what does mean when the person who has done research has got something published? Thanks everyone for your help!


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Jul 26, 2000
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once you get situated in school and pick a major, you'll be able to take some advanced courses in that major and be well versed enough to actually do some intro level research. it's a good idea to figure out what you like first, then go seek out research positions. it's great that you're so motivated, but it's too early unless you know exactly what you want to do (ie. chemistry/physics/biology/etc) you need to have a discipline down.

to answer your second question, when you do an experiment for a number of months and you collect data and analyze the data. you get results. if these results are meaningful, you can send them to a journal (all disciplines have their corresponding journal(s)) and have them take a look at your work. if they think it bears merit, they will possibily publish it in their journal. it's a big deal to publish, IMO, cause that publication sticks with you for the rest of your life. whenever you go to the library and type your name in, you are listed as an author of something that was published. pretty cool huh? i just published a paper in the journal of neuroscience methods which i worked on for a year.. it's a great feeling! :)

good luck!!!

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May 28, 2002
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Hey.first of all not ALL people do research to get into med school. There is a thread called didn't do research but got for it!! Valuble stuff.
You should do research if you ar curious, adn to find out ur likes and dislikes. the best way for a freshman to do research is over the summer, so when u get back you allready have experience and it will make you a better canidate to continue on campus. If you want a list of some programs fell free to pm me.. I know too much info on this topic:clap:
I think you should aslo get involed in school, do well in classes and develop a rapport with your profs.

Good luck and have fun in college
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