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Dec 19, 2001
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On average, how many hours a week does a typical psych resident work?

Also, do psych residents take call?


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Oct 20, 2001
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I think that during the first year, when you are on inpt medicine and neurology, you work about 80 hours a week (for 4 months). Then on the outpt medicine/ER months (2 months) and rest of the psych inpt months, you work maybe 50-60 hours? Second year, mostly inpt psych and consult plus calls, you work probably 50-60 hrs a week? The last 2 years, it is all outpt training plus some very very random call nights, so perhaps 45 hrs a week?

A lot these depend on the program. There are psych programs that work you harder than the others.

Of course, psych residents take call. All docs take calls including radiology and pathology. When you are on inpt medicine and neurology, your call is once every 4 days. For the rest of the inpt psych rotations, maybe once every week. During 3rd year, maybe once every 2 weeks. During 4th year, maybe once a month. Again, call schedule varies from residency program to residency program.
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