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Jan 3, 2005
Need some guidance/advice. As a Navy flight surgeon who is hellbent on radiology since MS1 days, I've finally paid my dues and will likely enter rads residency in June 2006. Since my current job is stateside and non-deploying, I have time to gear up for residency. I know that I should enjoy my free time that I have now since it will disappear altogether next June, however I'll be 3 years status-post transitional internship by the time I get to residency. Are there any highly recommended books, study guides, review software, etc., that I should get now and start working through? Anyone get to residency and think to themselves, "Gee, if only I'd reviewed _____ book last year, I'd be a superstar."

Any thoughts?


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Jul 29, 2003
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i'll be starting radiology residency in July and I worry about what to do before i begin as well.....its important to realize that you'll have 4 years to learn this stuff and they you're not expected to know it before you get there...given than, the chief resident at the program where you will be going to will be able to help suggest books before you begin residency....when i spoke to some of the residents and the program director at the hospital i'll be doing radiology at next year, they told me a good start is The Radiology of Emergency Medicine by Harris and Harris....also, a good basic book to get a feel for chest films is felson's principle's of chest roentology (its kind of like thaler's or dubin's books for EKG's--its only like 200 pages long, and is a small soft cover)....and there's a book called skeletal radiology (aka the "pink book") by clyde helms (its about the same size as felsons, but has a lot more text)....good basic radiology books (along the lines of a harrisons or a cecils) for a resident include the book by paul and juhl or brant and helm's radiology text...a more basic book than that would be the Squire's radiology....and there's also a good CD called the Wolff files that covers basic plain films...

These are only suggestions and i hope that you understand that YOU WILL MOST LIKELY NOT BE ABLE TO READ ALL OF THESE THINGS BEFORE YOU START....the emergency radiology book is a good start and something good to become familia with


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Nov 26, 2003
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Hi helo doc,
I am on hpsp, prior SWO (7 yrs), interested in Rads. Did you try to defer? Are you looking to go Navy residency or civilian? My e-mail [email protected]. Please contact me. Thanks