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Discussion in 'Psychiatry' started by nortomaso, Dec 5, 2005.

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    As I get closer to the end of my interview trail, I'm noticing that there are some broad diffrerences between programs that I'm not sure how to consider.

    1. Specialty inpt units/outpt clinics vs general wards/clinics

    Seems like the specialty route will have you working with expert attendings and help structure your reading time so that you can really learn about each disorder thoroughly. Then again, maybe the general route forces you to hone your diagnostic skills and multitask like you'll have to do in the real world.

    2. close inpatient supervision versus autonomy

    At Duke it sounds like you are on your own at the State Hospital in PGY2. The residents say its a great experience, but are they missing out on onsite teaching? On the other hand, elsewhere I've seen way too much hand holding.

    3. Direct versus indirect psychotherapy supervision.

    Will use Duke again as an extreme example . They use one-way mirrors and videotape more than any other place I've seen. Most other places have more informal supervision where the resident simply discusses the session with the supervisor.

    Would love to hear anyone's input on the above as well as more themes.
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    Hey Norto, as usual love your thoughtful posts.

    What about research vs. clinical based?

    Seems like some programs want you to sacrifice one for the other, or say they allow reserach yet residents report no time to actually partake in it.

    Also, seems like there are either VA's or State Hospitals a lot of times. I wonder which would really be more beneficial for experience. Those with VA says the VA offers a great scope of addiction, PTSD, and geri, whereas those with state say they have a heavy SPMI load which I would find more appealing.

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