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May 23, 2024
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Excessive imo because although there are no mandatory lectures schools will have you on campus for many other activities. 3 hours out of your day in med school is insane imo. But curious to see what others think. Congrats on getting in and best of luck this coming year!
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Hello everyone, incoming MS1. I have recently been accepted to a medical school local to me but the commute is about an hour and a half one way through public transport (bus + train) in a major metro area. I was wondering if this might be too excessive of a commute? I currently live with my family so I was hoping to save money on rent as it’s pretty expensive here. I’m planning to only do this for preclinical years. School is true P/F, no mandatory lectures
No. Rent the cheapest apartment you can
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Positives: getting all your studying done during the commute.
Negatives: missing out on getting to know your classmates, not being part of the social scene, difficulty being part of study groups or group projects.
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That’s too much dude. You’re gonna be a doctor. Fork over the cash for a closer place. You’ll be OK

I say this as someone who hates debt and is actively paying the interest on my loans already
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