resources and tips for a successful retake?



AAMC FLs: 514, 511, 524, 520

real thing: 511 (last summer)

I plan on retaking in April, and I have no idea how I should start studying.

The year before the MCAT, I took A&P, biochem, genetics, microbio, ochem, and physics. This past semester, I didn’t take any courses relevant to the MCAT.

Last time, I studied with the AAMC SBs and FLs, CARS QP1, 80 pg PS doc, and KA videos.

My main concern is CARS (128 avg → 124 real).

Thanks in advance!
Feb 5, 2020
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You got the same score as AAMC FL2, so start with that and identify all the problems you got wrong there. For CARS, throughky review AAMC CARS problems and try to come up with your own CARS problems. Try to get your head into test maker’s mind and really push yourself.


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Oct 17, 2017
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I'd consider purchasing a UWorld subscription if you can, they have an excellent question bank that would likely be helpful. I'd also consider using Anki for sciences and practicing CARS daily. Good luck!

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